To help Democratic donors give with maximum impact to win elections, we offer candidate recommendations for federal and state races. We base these recommendations on three criteria: the importance of the race, whether the candidate can win, and whether they need money. Based on these criteria, we sort our recommendations into three categories: High Priority is assigned to candidates who closely meet all our criteria at a given point in time. Priority is assigned to candidates who less closely meet our criteria. We update these ratings as the election cycle evolves. (Explore our methodology.)

Blue Tent has created four slates of candidates that donors can choose from. We have confidence that these are all high-impact options for small donors looking to give in the 2022 election. Click through to explore each Blue Tent slate and make a donation through ActBlue. You can also check out our individual candidate profiles below the slates. 

Our Top Candidates Overall

Top State Legislative Candidates

Top U.S. House Candidates

Top Women Candidates to Protect Abortion Rights

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