To help Democratic donors give with maximum impact to win elections, we offer candidate recommendations for federal, state, and local races. We base these recommendations on three criteria: the importance of the race, whether the candidate can win, and whether they need money. Based on these criteria, we sort our recommendations into three categories: High Priority is assigned to candidates who closely meet all our criteria at a given point in time. Priority is assigned to candidates who less closely meet our criteria. Priority is assigned to recommended candidates who donors shouldn't prioritize at a given moment. We update these ratings as the election cycle evolves. (Explore our methodology.)

High Priority


Low Priority

  • 360px-Catherine_Cortez_Masto_square.jpeg

    U.S. Senate Photographic Studio-Rebecca Hammel

    Catherine Cortez Masto: U.S. Senate, Nevada

    While Nevada has been trending Democratic, Cortez Masto's reelection is no sure thing in this tough political climate. Still, right now, she has plenty of money on hand and small donors should steer clear unless that changes. Read more

  • John_Fetterman_Lieutenant_Governor_Inauguration_(cropped) (1).jpg

    Photo: CC BY 2.0

    John Fetterman: U.S. Senate, Pennsylvania

    While he's a strong progressive candidate running in a crucial race, Fetterman is also well on his way to raising all the money he needs to compete—which is why small donors should prioritize other candidates. Read more

  • 864px-Maggie_Hassan,_official_portrait,_115th_Congress.jpg

    U.S. Senate Photographic Studio-Renee Bouchard

    Maggie Hassan: U.S. Senate, New Hampshire

    Hassan has plenty of cash on hand and so far doesn't face a strong opponent as she seeks reelection. That makes giving to her campaign a low priority for donors—for now, anyway. Read more

  • My Approved Portraits

    U.S. Senate Photographic Studio, John Klemmer

    Mark Kelly: U.S. Senate, Arizona

    Kelly faces a tough race in a must-win election for Democrats. But thanks to his huge skills as a fundraiser, he so far has all the money he needs, making this race a low priority for small donors. Read more

  • 384px-Raphael_Warnock_official_photo.jpg

    U.S. Senate Photographic Studio, Rebecca Hammel

    Raphael Warnock, U.S. Senate, Georgia

    Keeping Georgia blue is a major goal for Democrats. But while this is a critically important race, Warnock is currently flush with cash and donors should prioritize other candidates. Read more

  • US_Rep_Val_Demings.jpg

    ['Phi Nguyen', 'U.S. House of Representatives', 'Office of Photography']

    Val Demings: U.S. Senate, Florida

    Demings is a rising star in Democratic politics, but she's unlikely to win her race against Marco Rubio. Instead of giving to her campaign, we recommend that donors support key grassroots groups in Florida. Read more