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There’s never been a more exhilarating time to work in progressive activism and Democratic politics than right now. With strong movements for social justice, along with Democratic victories across the country, there is no shortage of work for those looking to make a living by doing good. Whether you’re an aspiring organizer, hopeful policy wonk, or PR professional looking for a change of pace, there’s a path to be found.


But that doesn’t mean it will be easy. Finding fulfilling and well-compensated work in the progressive ecosystem can be more challenging than people think, with fewer openings than the for-profit world, and just as many (if not more) applicants. For college students or young professionals looking to get started, landing that first job can be a daunting task—likewise for those who built careers in another sector and want to shift gears.


That’s why Blue Tent is building this career center. The progressive movement needs all the talent it can get. We want to make sure that those aspiring to work in this world, or move forward in their progressive careers, connect with the right opportunities.


In the coming months, Blue Tent will be sharing an array of career resources for both aspiring and established progressive professionals. Our first publication is now available: Be the Change: A Guide to Finding Progressive Jobs and Building a Career Progressive.

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New job openings are appearing all the time across the world of progressive organizations and the Democratic Party. Through our partnership with Gain Power, Blue Tent is working to guide our users to the best employment opportunities. This job board is also a great place to post new listings.