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While it's well-known that Democrats raised record sums of money in 2020, it's taken time to analyze how all that money flowed. Here's an overview of which groups raised and spent the biggest sums. Read more

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Few people know the world of progressive media better than Katrina vanden Heuval, who was editor of The Nation magazine for nearly 25 years. She talks to Blue Editor David Callahan. Read more

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Blue Tent editor David Callahan talks to Heather McGhee about how she came to write her New York Times bestselling book and what she hopes to achieve with its publication. Read more

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Blue Tent editor David Callahan talks to Maurice Mitchell, leader of the Working Families Party, about its national strategy to build a strong, multiracial working-class movement. Read more


South Dakota

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With hyper-minorities in the state legislature and an uphill battle at the federal level, Democrats in South Dakota are in deep trouble. Still, some activists see a way forward. Read more

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