Blue Tent's David Callahan talks to Overton about his work to revive the Joint Center for Economic and Political Studies, the challenges of scaling a think tank, and the need to invest in Black policy experts. Read more

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Vaccinations India

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Advocates are calling on the White House to buck Big Pharma and support a change in trade policy to allow wider access to vaccines, tests and treatments for the developing world. Read more

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Twitter has fueled the careers of any number of progressive leaders and commentators. But recent events show it also can be a toxic arena where enemies are made and ambitions are derailed. Read more

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Photo credit: Transgender Law Center

While transgender rights activists have made real progress, philanthropic funding remains scarce. Kris Hayashi of the Transgender Law Center is challenging funders to do more. Read more


Even before COVID deepened the crisis facing transit systems, advocates were connecting up transportation inequities with a broader agenda for economic and racial justice. Read more