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Blue Tent is grounded in a commitment to social inclusion, ecological sustainability and global interdependence. Our mission is to advance these values across the U.S. and build a Democratic Party that can translate them into public policy as a true governing majority. Blue Tent is written for people who are dedicating their lives to these goals and who want to increase their impact—personally and collectively.


Blue Tent is not aligned with any wing of the Democratic Party. We believe that the path to winning power nationally and in all 50 states lies in creating an effective multiracial coalition that is inclusive of moderates, liberals and Democratic Socialists. We promote candid and respectful dialogue within this coalition. We report with an open-mind on what’s working to build a strong Democratic majority—and what’s not. We approach our work with curiosity, fairness and critical inquiry. 


Blue Tent is supported by reader memberships and limited advertising. We receive no funding from private foundations, individual donors, corporations or unions. 

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David Callahan, Founder and Editor

Zaid Jilani, Contributing Editor

Chris Packham, Copy Editor



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John Freund, Business Development Manager

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Nicole Picard, Director of Client Services

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